Importance of Microchipping Your Pet

All pet owners can agree that losing a pet can be very traumatizing. Most pet lovers will go to great lengths to protect their animals. They usually turn to pet collars, ID tags, and other outward forms of identification. Unfortunately, these methods are not always foolproof. The truth is that if it can come off, it can get lost. Many animals end up lost because their IDs fell off. There is only one truly effective way to keep your pet safe, and this is through the use of a microchip.


What Are Microchips?


Microchips are computer chips that are implanted under the pet’s skin. The chips encode an identification number that is unique to the animal. This number allows a lost animal to be reunited with the owner. The computer chip is tiny. Doctors place it under the pet’s skin in a quick procedure using a syringe and a needle.


Unlike other devices, the chip will not fall off or get lost. The radio signal transmission received by the chip from a scanner causes it to transmit the encoded ID number back to the scanner. This provides the pet owner’s contact information.


Importance of Microchipping


Most people who work in animal shelters agree that pets that have a microchip have a higher likelihood of finding their way home than those that don’t. These are people who have to encounter lost pets almost daily. Many veterinarians also agree that the chips are very beneficial.


The process of microchipping animals takes a few minutes, and yet it helps to ensure that the pet can be safe. Many studies have been carried out to support the importance of microchips. Many pets have been reunited with their owners because of this technology.


Microchips Are Reliable


When you decide to get a microchip for your pet, you need to understand that the technology is very reliable. For the microchip to work, you need to register it and give your contact information. All you need to do is to ensure that you keep your information up to date.


The chips rely on nationwide registries, but ultimately, the information that you give will determine the success. It is a good idea to provide several emergency contact numbers. This will help in the event that your pet loses its way, and you are unreachable.


Protecting Your Pet


When animal control finds a lost animal, the first thing they do is look for identification. They check for a microchip, and they contact the owner. Getting a microchip will help to ensure that you do not have to live with the nightmare of losing your pet. With this technology, your pet can be found even if it is hundreds of miles away from home.


Many animals that end up in shelters are pets that get lost. Sadly, most of these pets will never find their way back home. Having a microchip can help to ensure that you do not have to be separated from your beloved pet.


Microchips cannot be used to violate your privacy. Your personal information is protected, so you do not have to worry about your contact falling into the wrong hands.


Learn more about microchipping your pet, contact Animal Hospital of Salinas in Salinas, CA at (831) 346-0600 to book an appointment.

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