Pet Article(s):
Please read our important article: Obesity: A Big, Fat, Hairy Deal for more information about obesity and your dog or cat.

Pet Related Websites:

Pet Health and Behavior Articles

Poison Control for Pets

Payment Plan

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Feline Heartworm Disease & Parasites

Canine Heartworm Disease

Pet Loss Resources

Pet Loss Support Hotline
Ph: 1-(866) 266-8635 or (509) 335-5704
Phone and/or email message can be left 24 hours a day. See website for additional details.

ASPCA Pet Loss Support Hotline and Website
Ph: 1-(877) GRIEF-10
Information about end of life care, pet loss, and helping children cope with pet loss.

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement Website
This site has chat rooms to discuss pet loss and anticipatory bereavement. Also has space to memorialize your pet.

Veterinary Wisdom Pet Parents Website
This site has eBooks, articles, and other resources for pet loss as well as products to memorialize your pet.