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When is it Time?

How do you know when it’s time? That is a question I get a lot when pet owners are faced with an aging or perhaps terminally ill pet. I have a fairly standard set of criteria: when he stops eating, becomes less interactive, and/or when he can no longer do the things that give their life joy. Sometimes I say, “When the bad days outnumber the good days.”

10 year Vet School Reunion at UC Davis!

Rachel and I recently attended our 10-year Vet School Reunion at UC Davis! Wow, has it really been 10 years already? When we graduated, we were fresh-faced and full of energy, ready to go out there and make a difference. Aside from our families meeting for the first time (which is a story unto itself), our transition from school to our first jobs was relatively smooth. Little did we know how much more learning there was to do in the “real world.” But that’s a future blog post.

Animal Hospital of Salinas AAHA Accreditation

We have wonderful news. Our AAHA accreditation has been renewed.

Animal Hospital of Salinas will become a paperless practice!

We would like to announce something exciting that is happening!

Welcome to the Animal Hospital of Salinas blog!

The hospital has been under new ownership for the past 10 months and has seen some dramatic changes.  We’ve updated our in house laboratory machines, replaced our old X-ray film processor with a new digital radiography system, started a social media campaign, developed a new website (, and next week, we will become a paperless practice with new management software and new computers!

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